Experience Healthcare In Africa
Nurse Retreat

Nairobi, Kenya

June 22 -27, 2020

Irene Ogongo, RN has been a pioneer leading some of the most innovative changes in healthcare throughout Africa.  She now leads one of the most unique healthcare tours for nurses.  

Global Nurses In Africa is a relationship company that empowers nurses to build new connections with other nurses and discover more about their passions through travel.

Irene's carefully crafted tours are full of discoveries, cultural insights, opportunities and fun that will build confidence, create partnerships and camaraderie among adventurous and curious nurses, worldwide.

Nairobi, Kenya

Trip Overview

This unforgettable 6 day adventure will take you from traditional healthcare models in Nairobi through the plains of the Maasai National Park where we will meet natural healers and begin to understand the culture of one of Africa's greatest nations and address major challenges in the delivery of nursing care in resource poor settings.


Meet with African Ministry of Health Leaders

Nursing Faculty and Nurses

Experience traditional vs non-traditional healing centers

Enjoy safaris, conversations and networking


Stay in top quality single occupancy rooms in guest homes and homestays during your stay in Nairobi.  You will have your own room and your own bed.


  • DATE: June 22-27th, 2020
  • DURATION: 6 days / 5 nights
  • PRICE: $3000 per person single occupancy
  • LOCATION: Nairobi, Kenya
  • PARTICIPANTS: Min 8 and Max 20


Irene Ogongo, RN

Hi, I’m Irene.

I've worked with NGOs, Ministries of Health and corporate sponsors to improve outcomes for resource-poor facilities

I’ve been featured in various news outlets around the world as I work towards improving patient care through higher nursing standards.

My mission is to improve patient care throughout Africa.

As a nurse, I am passionate about my patients and making sure they have access to the highest quality care.  You can learn more about my company Nurses In Africa here.

I am thrilled that you are considering coming to my home country to learn more about how we can work together in Africa or simply to network with each other. 

Your support will help us change the world. 


Irene's passion for nursing includes the 3 pillars of improving outcomes, which will be included as workshops at this retreat.  CE credit for 6 hours is pending through the California Board of Registered Nursing 

Quality Improvement

  • Quality Design & Measurement
  • Quality Improvement consultancy and training
  • Change Management and Organizational Development
  • Monitoring and Evaluation- Hospital focus.
  • Clinical Governance: this includes: Peer review, clinical audit and credentialing
  • Utilization management
  • Infection Control

    • Hand Hygiene
    • Environmental Hygiene
    • Screening patients
    • Vaccinations
    • Monitoring and surveillance
    • Antibiotic stewardship
    • Care coordination
    • Evidence based programs
    • Implementation in resource poor settings

    Patient Safety

    • Working in teams and team building
    • Patient experience
    • Advocacy
    • Nurse training
    • Patient empowerment
    • Customer care
    • Respect for safety initiatives

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    This East African jewel is a country known for its incredible natural beauty as well its diverse population and languages- over 100 languages are spoken here! While Kenya is home to the famed Nairobi National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Ngong Hills and the Masai Mara National Reserve, there is more to explore beyond the familiar sites. Getting to know the friendly people and fascinating cultures makes Kenya all that more inviting.

    [B, L, D indicates whether Breakfast, Lunch and/or Dinner is provided each day.]


    DAY 1: Arrival

    Upon arrival into Nairobi International Airport (or your current hotel) you will be met and transferred to the guesthouse.  Our day starts at 3pm with a meet and greet, happy hour and welcome dinner. We can pick participants up early in the morning or there is an opportunity to stay at the guesthouse starting at 4pm on June 21 at no additional charge. (D)       


    DAY 2: City Tour And Workshop 

    During our time in Nairobi we will tour the city, and go shopping. We will hold a workshop with our African hosts to discuss quality improvement initiatives (B,L,D)                               


    DAY 3: Community Engagement

    We will have a full day visiting hospitals, community centers and discussing healthcare with African leadership and peak into the hospital to see if there is opportunity to work with the nurses! (B,L,D)

    DAY 4: Trip To Naivasha/Nyeri

    Hike and meet with local shamans and healers to have lunch.  Opportunity to see the migration of wild beast is likely as we travel from Nairobi to Naivasha.  This area is especially spectacular during the dry season (June - November) as wildlife concentrations rival that of the Serengeti.  With its varied habitats and permanent water in this area is home to over 2000 elephants and 500 bird species. (B,L,D)  


    DAY 5: Nairobi National Park And Workshop

    After breakfast we head out to the open grass plains where there are scattered acacia bush play host to a wide variety of wildlife including the endangered black rhino, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, buffaloes, giraffes and birdlife.  A short visit to this serene park will greatly diversify your safari experience as the lush green jungle habitat is of stark contrast to the other parks. We will also talk about infection control issues and the crisis in Africa. (B.L,D)           


    DAY 6: Workshop And Farewell Lunch

    Our final morning together, we will discuss the crux of change in Africa - how nursing training impacts patient safety.  In this workshop we will discuss possibilities to engage with Irene's mission and develop ways to stay connected and share resources. Today you will be picked up from the lodge and transferred to Kenya International Airport for your international flight out. (B, L)

    What Nurses Are Saying:

    Irene impressed me from the beginning.  She has already partnered with NGOs, saved lives with improved healthcare and works with top officials in Africa.  Nurses are paving change in Africa and Irene is leading the way.

    Catie Harris - CEO, NursePreneurs

    Networking is the lifeline of becoming a respected and resourceful nurse consultant.  Irene's business Nurses In Africa is changing the landscape of how patient care is delivered and her tour for nurses who can get involved with this process is such a huge opportunity.

    Gigi Elizee, Corporate Nurse Consultant

    Gigi Elizee NursePreneur

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    Don't Miss This Opportunity To Experience Healthcare In Africa

    From a nurse as well connected as Irene who can introduce you to the people who can help you jump start a career in international nursing, provide ideas for projects or research and for expanding your knowledge of healthcare.

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