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Hi, I’m Irene

Quality and patient safety advocate & a nurse in Africa

I’ve been a nurse working in Africa for over 15 years and I have seen it all… Especially working in settings that are severely resource restricted with high expectations of excellent patient outcomes. Kenya, Rwanda, Liberia, Sierra Leone and beyond.

Despite my nursing degree nothing prepared me for the nursing environment in the clinical area that was always very stressful, frustrating and full of patient care mishaps. Every shift was like working in the dark with expectation of delivering excellence to my patients.

Irene Ogongo MSC-HSM, BSCN, RN

Founder and Lead Mentor

After I lost a colleague who was also a patient in our facility due to lack of compliance to a simple checklist, I knew the only way to be empowered was to establish and maintain health facility standards in my unit.

That was the beginning of my consulting business in quality improvement and patient safety. My main mission is to empower as many healthcare professionals as possible on patient safety and health facility standards to improve the standards of healthcare in Africa. I have spent the last 15 years working with different entities to establish standards around patient care and safety through training, mentorship and coaching.

I have taken everything I have learned over the years and now use it exclusively to help health facilities to transform patient care through the use of health facility standards and patient safety leading to better patient outcomes,patient satisfaction, increase in patient numbers and income.


The most common challenges I have come across in healthcare organizations include:

  • Numerous patient complaints and reduced satisfaction
  • Increased patient care errors especially untimely deaths
  • Wastage of the already scarce resources
  • Low patient numbers therefore low income

Can you relate?

If the answer is yes then we can partner with you to achieve:

  • Reduced patient complaints leading to improved patient satisfaction
  • Established systems and process to markedly reduce wastage of resources.
  • Increased patient numbers ultimately leading to improved income.
  • Plus an added benefit of international recognition as a health facility of choice.

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“I am inspired by the teams passion, dedication and professional competence. The key is the team leads ability to influence institutional leadership and decision makers understand why change is needed.”

Steven Severlie, Commanding Officer”- 34 military hospital Sierra Leone


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