​​We Provide A Stepwise
Solution To Excellent Patient

How Nurses In Africa Can Help​

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​Quality Management Services

  • Quality planning, improvement and management
  • Healthcare accreditation coaching
  • Patient safety programs
  • Patient care monitoring and evaluation
  • Change management
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​Improvement in resource poor settings

  • ​Design
  • ​Implementation
  • ​Monitoring and evaluation
  • ​Sustainability and scale up
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​​Nursing Services Improvement

  • ​Nursing standards coaching
  • ​Patient care mapping and
  • ​Building teams and working
    in teams

​Our Vision



​​To bridge the gap between the healthcare we receive and the healthcare we need through improvement and empowerment strategies.


​Loyalty, customer, professionalism, quality

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​​Irene Ogongo, RN
CEO Nurses In Africa

​The Pillars Of Nursing Care That Drive Accreditation Standards

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Quality Improvement

Patient Safety

​Patient Safety

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​Nurses In Africa provides a stepwise solution to international accreditation and improved outcomes through transforming patient care in your health facility.

  • ​Customized training
  • Personalized coaching
  • Data driven, evidence-based interventions

We believe the nursing workforce plays an integral role in ensuring good patient outcomes therefore provides a unique opportunity for focused staff engagement as part of the strategy for improvement.

We work with large healthcare organizations, NGOs, corporations and resource poor facilities
by connecting the power of knowledge and care.